Why A Home-Office?

A Comfortable Home-Office
For All Your Wellness Needs


We are proud of our friendly home-office atmosphere in which we provide quality chiropractic care. It is one of our top priorities to secure the well-being of our valued patients. We are confident that you will feel right at home in our home, as we truly welcome all patients as if they were a part of our extended family.

Still, some might ask: Why would a Doctor have a home-office?

Reasonable question, permit me to provide some personal insights.
First of all, being a native of a very large city (Philadelphia, PA), I recall as a child most of my family doctors having home-offices; hence, I personally always liked the idea.

Second, it has to do with what I call a “practice philosophy”…how I see my practice and how it fits into my life. So why make a point of it? Well, because I do not want to spring any surprises on you that might diminish your expectations; hence, I decided to tell you about it “upfront”.

You see, I love being a Chiropractor but prior to chiropractic I spent six years in training for another profession and in 2000 I completed those studies and returned to that activity as well; hence, I now have two primary vocations and between the two pursuits I found I was stretching myself way too thin.

Consequently, several years ago I reviewed my life and asked myself these questions: “Do you like your life, is anything lacking, is it ok to live this way for the rest of your life, are any changes needed?” (I might add, this is a process I believe everyone should do at some point in their life)

And I decided I needed to make several changes. I realized I wasn’t willing to spend eight hours a day in little rooms with tiny windows, walking from one room to another every 6 minutes, supervising people who weren’t committed to my patients …there was no delight in that; therefore, I decided to make some immediate alterations. SpinalDemo3As a result, in 2003, I moved my practice from a commercial location, where I had been for over ten years, and created a home-office.

So, here’s the way it works: After morning activities and breakfast, I unlock the front door and head down the corridor waiting for my patients to arrive…one by one, no big waits (usually), no haggered and overwhelmed front desk person, no hostile “with an attitude” billing person, no “snooty” office manager, no ‘clinical, impersonal’ atmosphere, no mass-produced type of production line…you arrive here and you see me.

Sue & Belinda
Just me and, often my wife Sue (above, facing the camera), is around and about should the need arise for assistance with something…occasionally a grandchild might grace the scene.

Sort of makes me think of one of those tv commercials where they talk about being offered a muffin and some tea as part of their creative marketing. The point is, we want our office to “feel” different. We want you to know that you are more than a number on a chart…that you are important to us, welcome in our home as we come to get to know each other.

Let me be clearer, I am not saying we are not professional, we are; but it’s really just people interacting with people, caring and hopefully each is getting what they want and need.

On your first visit, normally I greet you at the door, show you the wireless doorbell to ring to announce your arrival in the future and hand you the initial intake packet to be completed if we haven’t already arranged for you to receive the forms via an email.

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