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OUTDOORS MAN REDUCED TO USING A WALKER perch-326514__180Dr. Fair and I have served as volunteers in the same civic organization for the past four years. For the first two years, the “free treatment packages” he provided for auctions at our main fundraising event were basically ignored by the participants; after all, he’s a “chiropractor”…not a real doctor…or so I thought. Then about three months ago, for no apparent reason over a two week period, I suddenly found myself unable to walk without the aid of a walker, which was very disconcerting to me being an avid outdoors man and hunter. The thought that I, in my early sixties, would never be able to walk through the woods, or climb a tree to hunt again was heart wrenching to me and the medical doctors I consulted didn’t have a clue. I was desperate. Dr. Fair heard of my plight and gave me a call. He insisted I give him the chance to help me with my problem…noting, there was a big difference between him and all the other doctors…he said, “you’re not their friend, Bill; whereas, I really care about what happens to you”. It wasn’t three weeks under his care and I was walking unassisted…no walkers, canes or crutches. Actually, whereas my MD had me on sixteen different medications, I am doing so well now that I’ve been able to discontinue all but two of them on my own, even though Dr. Fair never advised me to stop them, he did inform me that they all had side-effects and could possibly present a problem in the long run. It is also important to state that Dr. Fair has treated everyone I’ve referred to him as if they’re his friends as well. I can’t believe I’ve lived my entire life without knowing the benefits of chiropractic…I now refer everyone I meet who has any health complaint to see Dr. Fair first…including you (SO, when you call, tell him Bill sent you). B.J.H., Halls-Crossroads (Knoxville), TN

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FIBROMYALGIA drugsI have been suffering with a diagnosed condition known as Fibromyalgia for the past 7 years. Fibromyalgia causes pain everywhere in the body, pain that is sometimes absolutely unbearable. My symptoms included: burning in the legs, arms and shoulders. Awful daily pain throughout my entire body, headaches, dizziness and loss of sleep. Prior to meeting Dr. Fair, my medical doctor had put me on medications (Zanax, Neufonton and Hydrocodone—1st and 3rd made me very fearful of addiction)…I also saw no results from taking them. When I first met Dr. Fair I was impressed with the calming manner in which he handled himself and I really liked the fact that he used no drugs or needles in his method of healing. He recommended chiropractic adjustments, a short-term diet change and home use of stimulating pressure points. Over a one and a half week period, I experienced at least a 30% reduction in pain and significant rise in energy…the overall feeling of wellness is phenomenal. Anyone sick, suffering or in any pain should see a chiropractor at least a few times. Not to give it a try would be a horrible mistake. I think if chiropractic is used properly and by a caring chiropractor, such as Dr. Fair, it is a wonderful and life changing experience for someone in any sort of pain. C. R., Knoxville, TN (Ed. Note: Regrettably, family circumstances prevented patient from continuing care beyond two weeks.)

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CHRONIC FATIGUE sleep-55792__180By the time I had met Dr. Fair I had been suffering for over 33+ years, with the symptoms getting worse as time passed. The doctors I had seen up to this time had put me on anti-depressants; however, since I am not very trusting of pharmaceutical drugs/medications I chose to stop them because of how worse I felt on them. I had been diagnosed with: chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and I suffered from almost constant pain across my shoulders. Symptoms included: extreme fatigue, pain/discomfort, brain fog, depression, emotional upheavals, easily overwhelmed and very indecisive. The brain fog and fatigue were the oldest of all the symptoms; whereas the pain had only surfaced in the past 15 years. I had tried some natural treatments, herbs, homeopathic, massage, natural vitamins and minerals, but none of them worked. I was barely able to function, then I was referred to Dr. Fair. My first impression of him was that I could sense a genuine caring…he was concerned about me. His natural competence, confidence and concern were so much in evidence…this inspired hope and a confidence in me that he could help me. He recommended chiropractic adjusting to remove the structural load from my body, a specialized nutritional plan and supplements based on testing and a neuro-emotional type therapy to help deal with causes/effects of so many issues…having been sick for so many years. While I have not yet recovered 100%, I am pain free compared to where I was at the beginning of treatment and all other symptoms and issues are vastly improved. I can now sleep through the night without pain. For those made to feel that they are just crazy or weak, try Dr. Fair before giving up or giving in to a life ruled by medications. T. C., Oneida, TN

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HEATING AND AIR MAN CHILLS-OUT pain-277062__180When I got hurt on the job about three weeks ago, I knew from all the talk around my family that I was not going to be going back to my former chiropractor but was going to be seeing this new (to us) guy, Dr. Fair. I called and he got me in the next day, telling me to rest and ice it both before bed and before coming in the morning. I walked into his office bent over pretty far. He did as many test as my pain would permit and started working on me. Dr. Fair told me it would not be a fast process, that it would be probably two to three weeks before I would be able to even consider going back to work. He warned me that if I took care of this properly this time, hopefully I wouldn’t have to be afraid of future events. I was surprised at how much emphasis he put on drinking water, sitting in the right kind of chairs, getting in and out of the car properly. Being an avid hunter and fisherman motivated me to take his advice much more than my work ethic. I want to be back in the woods and on the lake regularly in the years, even decades to come. I believe Dr. Fair truly cares about his patients. When it was clear my wife was concerned with my slow progress, he insisted she come in to voice her concerns. Dr. Fair assured her that within two weeks he had every expectation of a dramatic change and sure enough, within three visits, I was up straight, walking with a full stride and heading back to work part-time. I am confident Dr. Fair’s direction and care will help me avoid future injuries. UPDATE: Within three weeks of being upright and back to work part-time, I have been back to work full time, without any pain or disability and I am now on a once a month visit schedule to maintain what Dr. Fair and I have accomplished. I am very pleased and have recently referred my wife to Dr. Fair. J.B., Halls-Crossroads, TN

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SCIATICA I started chiropractic care approximately 15 years ago. I had chronic neck pain, which began when I was around 11. I also had sciatica in my right leg which had started from a fall down a flight of stairs in my late 20’s. I had come to the conclusion that not turning my neck to the left more than say 45 degrees would be the norm for me. It was also normal for me to have tears in my eyes by the end of the day if I had to drive for any length of time more than short journeys through town. The pain would radiate from my right hip and extend down into my big toe of that leg. Going the regular route for care resulted in Ben Gay and a heating pad for my neck or a hot water bottle and for the sciatica I was told to not exercise and take muscle relaxers or say Tylenol or Motrin for the pain. I began chiropractic care with Dr. Fair when I decided that my quality of life could be improved on and went for a consultation to see what could be done. Dr. Fair was extremely courteous and impressed me as a very competent and knowledgeable doctor. He was very professional. He took x-rays and looked at my medical history. He showed me the reverse curve in my neck and the damage to my hip. He also showed me how my spine was actually twisted. He told me how he would treat each problem and he proceeded to do just that. I started getting relief within the first few visits. Today I do not have a problem with my neck, or the sciatica and I have not for many years. The sciatica reappeared temporarily during pregnancy but I continued to go to him throughout my pregnancies. He got me through all three and I have not had the problem since. I was blessed with three healthy babies and I now take all my children to him for the various bumps and injuries that one acquires throughout childhood. I have found through the years that Dr. Fair treats pain and ailments through different procedures from the accepted medical practice. He looks at structure, diet, nutrition and emotions. He has the most comprehensive outlook on health of anyone I have met. He goes the extra mile to find out what is wrong and what is the best way to help your body heal. Since the original ailments Dr. Fair has helped me with digestive problems, pain in hands, knee and even hot flashes. I truly do not want to think what kind of shape I would be in if I had not gone to that first consultation. He has taught me to think out-of-the-box in my health and not just accept that feeling bad at a certain age is normal. I recommend him to everyone I can. I truly believe in chiropractic now but even more so since finding a chiropractor that can really accomplish what he says he can. Dr. Fair is a 10+ in my book. I do not believe there is a health practitioner that cares more than he does. B. D., Knoxville, TN

“BACK PAIN IS KILLING ME” “If someone would get rid of this back pain, I’d give them a thousand dollars”, that’s what I was going around saying to family and friends the week before I went to see Dr. Fair, I was absolutely miserable. Turns out my brother-in-law (yes, Bill again), was going around singing the praises of Dr. David Fair, so I thought, let’s see if he can help me. I called and scheduled an appointment. Dr. Fair spent time listening to me tell what was going on, he took a thorough history and then examined me. Afterwards he sat down with me and told me what was going on. I couldn’t believe it was going to be as easy as he said. I remember the first time he “popped” my neck, I thought “oh my God”, but boy has it helped me. Dr. Fair told me it would take several weeks to get the muscles, tendons and ligaments to accept the new position in which he was putting the bones but that, if there was no complications, I should be doing well within a month or so. Fact is, I was doing well way before then, he even helped my sleeping. L.B., Norris, TN P.S. It didn’t cost a thousand dollars either!

THEY SAID IT WAS NEUROPATHY For about three years now , since a severe accident I and my wife were in, I’ve had a bad time with my feet, especially the right one, burning and feeling like the skin on the bottom of the feet was getting a thick pad on them. When I’d tell the Doctors, they’d normally ask if I was diabetic…they probably figured anybody in their eighties, it was a safe bet…but fact is, I am not a diabetic. Anyway, they all told me I had a condition called neuropathy, usually associated with diabetes. When I asked Dr. Fair if he treated neuropathy, he said he didn’t but that he’d like to check my feet anyway to see what was happening. Well, he twisted them and squeezed them and told me I had a problem with the bones in each foot…a dropped metatarsal, he called it. He then did what he called an adjustment and low and behold, they felt different…not all at once, but over two weeks and several adjustments, the left foot is 85% better, and the right has only a mild sensation…certainly something I could live with. By the way, Dr. Fair said I don’t have neuropathy. B.H., Sr., Karns, TN

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INFANTILE COLIC, EARACHES Having been a long-term chiropractic patient, I always knew I would seek care for my children should they fall or have any musculo-skeletal issues. What I didn’t anticipate having to deal with were the ear infections and the colic. My first son was seen by his pediatrician for 3 ear infections in 4 months and we were informed that should he have a 4th in the next 3 months, he would need tubes in his ears. Not being a fan of my 10 month old receiving surgery, I sought Dr. Fair’s advise. He adjusted my son several times and my son never had another ear infection. Now, as a 2 1/2 year old, he’ll even ask to have his ears adjusted (especially if he’s a little congested)! This same son was a very even tempered, sweet infant until somewhere around 9 weeks old when he suddenly started crying at all hours of the day and night. He was flailing his arms and legs and drawing his legs up and screaming in pain. Like many parents, we were advised that he was just “a little colicky” and it should pass in several days to MONTHS!!! Extra burping didn’t help, OTC infant gas drops helped a tiny bit as did herbal infant stomach drops, but he was still miserable! As it seemed incomprehensible to my husband and I to let our child suffer this pain for months, we sought Dr. Fair’s care for him. Dr. Fair was so very gentle with our son and quickly diagnosed him with a misalignment of his right cranial fault (the bone seam on the right side of his head was a little out of place) which affects production of an acid used in digestion. He gently touched our son’s head and without any perceivable pressure adjusted this cranial fault. Our son returned to his normal smiley self within several hours! What a relief! In fact, the change was so immediate that I had a hard time believing it wasn’t just coincidence. That is, until my second son began the same sort of symptoms around 5 weeks old. Again, a previous quiet child suddenly began screaming all the time and balling up and flailing in pain. This time, we immediately sought out Dr. Fair and our son only suffered for a few days vs the 2-3 weeks my older son went through. Two babies with similar symptoms, advice to just ride it out (possibly for months) and immediate relief within hours both times…Dr Fair was a life saver for our family! Both our sons love seeing Dr. Fair and take adjustments very well (no tears, no anxiety, they think they’re being tickled). Just the other day, our 2 1/2 came up to me and said “Mommy, me back hurt…take me Dr Fair for justment please.” Thing is, when we saw Dr. Fair, the spot my son had pointed to did in fact need an adjustment and we hadn’t even told Dr. Fair where he had pointed. Leaving his office that day, my son was all smiles and feeling better…”Dank you for fixin me!” Little Guy’s Mom, Rockford, TN

BOLT OF LIGHTNING LIKE HEAD PAIN ache-19005__180In 2007 my husband and I were involved in a serious car accident. With both of us being senior citizens, I guess it really took its toll on us. I broke my sternum and right clavicle and began having serious neck pain, head pain, pain in the sternum and difficulty swallowing. After a long time under physical therapy, my gastroenterologist decided to send me to a chiropractor to help with my clavicle and sternum affecting my swallowing. I underwent the routine care plan for several months and have since been going about four times a year. Regrettably, I have never been out of pain. When I turn my head the pain shoots up the right side of my neck into my head like a bolt of lightning…it is excruciating. When my step-son told me about Dr. Fair helping him so much (yes, Bill if you are wondering) I wondered if he could help me. So we arranged an appointment. After performing a thorough examination, Dr. Fair informed me that I had a chronic whiplash injury that had never been corrected and that the muscles in the front of the neck were not doing their job properly. He then ordered x-rays of my neck be performed and found some serious bone spurs, with severe disc narrowing from C5-C7, but he told me he thought he could help me nevertheless. I have been under his care for about three weeks now and the pain hasn’t shot into my head since the first week and the neck pain is drastically reduced as well. He also helped get rid of my hip pain and knee pain. The last project he is working on is to see what he can do for the swallowing difficulty I have…is it fair to say, I’m encouraged…yes, I am. UPDATE: It has now been about three months and there has been no head pain at all and the neck pain has been reduced to a 1 on a 0-10 scale. Swallowing difficulty is also gone and there are many times I am totally pain free. M.H., Knoxville

LOW BACK & LEG PAIN My experience with Dr. Fair is a rather interesting one. I first encountered him in my journey while trying to get help for my daughter who has suffered with some long-term health issues. After watching Dr. Fair work with her a little, I thought “Well, why waste these long, frequent trips when he would probably put me on the same pattern at the beginning, if he could help me.” So I decided to take him up on his offer to see if he could find out the cause of my problem . When I met Dr. Fair I had had back pain in the low back, pain in the legs and pain across the shoulders for years. The pain on the side of one leg especially was so excruciating from the hip down, that it hindered my sleep, causing a restlessness as I tried to go asleep and stay asleep. While I had had previous chiropractic care, the results were never significantly lasting even though I had witnessed my husband experience much better results than I had. Different from the other Chiropractor, Dr. Fair put me on a plan, told me about how long it would take, told me why a few adjustments here and there wouldn’t work in my case…and sure enough after the period he had predicted I was able to sleep through the night without pain and the correction has lasted. Now I see him about once a month, occasionally twice and I am essentially pain free. For the record, I am a very active mother, grand-mother and great-grandmother, play the keyboard at church every Sunday for the past 40 years, assist a Gospel Singing group and I am 74 years young. I. C., Oneida, TN

BACK INJURY THREATENS MILITARY CAREER femalesoldierWhen I was nineteen, now 29, I was involved in a motor vehicle accident that resulted in injury to my low back. Having been accustomed to high physical activity levels (including dance, gymnastics and the physical training involved in active duty military service), it was very difficult for me to learn I could no longer do the activities I loved without severe pain. If I bent down or twisted or even just moved wrong while sitting, I would get severe spasms in my low back that made it nearly impossible to bend even an inch at the waist without crying out. After several months of being told “it’s just a sprain, give it time” and “make sure you stretch before PT” my medical doctor’s responses became more concerning. Now I was being advised “you’ll always have to be aware of this weakness in your back,” “you may never be able to carry children” and “you’ll probably be on steroid shots for the rest of your life and possibly need spinal surgery in the coming decades.” I was so frightened! I didn’t want to be a 20-something who couldn’t dance, couldn’t pick up children and had to have a medical discharge from the military. It was at this point, that chiropractic care was once again made available to me. I had been a chiropractic patient in my childhood and adolescence, but never for a serious injury. Even though I had been a chiropractic patient before, this time I was somewhat scared of whether the adjustments would make me worse before I got better based on all the fear that had been instilled in me by my other doctors. Dr. Fair was very caring and patient with me, using ice and gentle adjustments to keep my back from going into spasm. He worked with me for approximately 4 months, bringing not only relief from the times of crisis where I couldn’t move without spasms and excruciating pain, but also from the instability in my spine that led to these episodes to begin with. Ten years later, I have two small children I can dance with (who are also under chiropractic care), am still serving in the military and am on what Dr. Fair calls “maintenance care.” I typically end up being seen for my low back once every 3-6 weeks and have not had any crises with my low back outside of pregnancy when my core muscles are so loose and weak. Looking back, the care I have received over the years far exceeds my expectations. Dr. Fair is kind and knowledgeable. He listens to you and addresses not only your physical ailment, but also all the fears and emotions that go along with serious injury and pain. Having been brushed off by several other doctors, this level of care really impressed me. Yet, what excites me most is that I can dance, run, jump and chase my boys without constant fear of injury…and for me, this is a 10! J. K., Rockford, TN

LOW BACK & INFERTILITY (2012) I guess we all have our struggles in life, for me its been infertility problems since marrying several years ago. Approximately four years ago I was diagnosed with 4th stage Endometriosis which required two surgeries in order to back up some of the ravages the condition was having on my body. The good news is, it worked and eight months ago we successfully gave birth to our little girl; however, there’s still a cloud looming, because we were told we only had about a year before the Endometriosis would return and make conception once again impossible. No pressure, right? Coincidental to the problem with Endometriosis I also suffered from rather severe low back pain. On Dr. Fair’s 0 to 10 scale with 10 being the worst, it was a 3 until someone would touch it (like Dr. Fair) then it was a 7. I also suffered very painful intercourse with pain in the cervix being a 5 and the ovaries easily 7. My husband’s father, a Chiropractor (though living in Utah), suggested I see a Chiropractor for the back pain and added it might also help with the pain in the cervix, ovaries and perhaps even with the infertility issue. He recommended my husband should get in as well because of his neck pain. After researching local Chiropractors in order to ensure that we would be going to a good, thorough Doctor, my father-in-law interviewed Dr. Fair and suggested we see him. To say that I was skeptical was an understatement, as I am a practicing emergency room nurse with a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing. Obviously, I have been exposed to the scuttlebutt about “chiropractors” and was naturally very suspicious. I had my doubts about taking this direction as a solution, especially when I heard Dr. Fair had a “home office”…but I was in for a surprise. Dr. Fair is nice, considerate and caring. He works, as I said, out of his home which is very clean and has a very nice atmosphere. His recommendations started with adjustments twice a week, after approximately one month he tested me and started me on a form of “hormone replacement” using a glandular supplement. It has been about six weeks and I no longer have the back pain nor the painful intercourse and while I am not yet pregnant, I feel better and more like myself. My husband is also pain free. I have taken the time to tell others about my experience because it has encouraged me, even though I don’t understand how it works. I am now very hopeful that I will be able to get pregnant again…a feeling I have never had in conjunction with pregnancy. I suggest chiropractic now, as well as medicine (being a nurse), for people who are sick, suffering or in pain. Of course, I specifically recommend you see Dr. David Fair. J. B., Knoxville, TN

Ed. Update: On December 19th, 2012 a healthy baby boy was delivered, baby-256857__180without complication, to above patient and her husband. Congratulations!!!







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