Wellness Care

tablets-381272__180People often ask what “conditions” or “diseases” we treat in an effort to determine if what we do could possibly have the answers to their health challenges. The briefest answer is: “We don’t treat any “conditions” or “diseases”.

We contend that such labels are merely titles physicians have put upon various symptom-pictures in order to help them to communicate with other like-minded practitioners. Certainly, there is nothing inherently wrong with such an approach; unless, of course, the labeling of your “condition” or “disease” prevents the further searching out of the true underlying cause of your condition, rather than merely applying a boiler-plate series of treatments…whether that be pharmaceuticals, chiropractic adjustments, physical therapies or surgery.

puzzle-432569__180Our approach is different. It isn’t that we don’t utilize such labeling, because we are required to do so under certain circumstances, it’s just that our focus is on determining “what” has caused you to be in the condition in which you find yourself…we want to determine if we can make “sense” out of your problem.

So rather than speak of “conditions” or “diseases”, what we can tell you is that it is not uncommon for us to witness some of the following “symptom” improvements while patients have been under our care:

• Headaches, Ear, Nose, Throat and Sinus symptoms
• Neck, Upper, Middle and Low back symptoms
• Joint symptoms (shoulder, arm, wrist, fingers, hand, hip, knee, ankle and foot)
• Digestive symptoms (constipation, diarrhea, gas, reflux, heartburn, pain, etc.)
• Hormonal symptoms (food cravings, anxiety, depression, fatigue, anger, frustration, etc.)
• Behavioral symptoms (agitation, poor focus, hostility, depression, poor impulse control, brain fog, learning disabilities, etc.)

and the list goes on and on, actually check out our Testimonials section to hear some success stories “from the horses mouth”.

RobustGirlIn wellness care, we look for the traumas, stresses and environmental factors that may be negatively impacting your life and health and preventing your body from expressing it fullest health potential and we work to provide you with various options to completely eliminate their impact or at least minimize their influence. It is a wholly different approach to restoring you to your former level of robust health.

Why not call today to see if what we do is the solution to your suffering? Remember, things that are not corrected, normally worsen over time. We look forward to hearing from you, today!