Picture1-11-1Sometimes I wonder what happened.
When I was a child nutrition was easy, we had food; others in the world did not. We were well nourished; others were starving. Well nourished meant you had a “little meat” on your bones, malnourished meant you looked like the little children we so often see on television today from various third world countries.

Life was focused around having food, shelter, clothing and a roof over your head. Once a week there was meatloaf, another spaghetti and meat balls, chicken one night, pork chops another and fish on Fridays…need I say more. Sundays we had a roast and because we were Irish we had potatoes, in one form or another at every meal (I never had rice nor did I know rice existed until one of my sister’s suitors took us to a Chinese restaurant when I was about twelve), and because we were German, gravy almost as often as potatoes. Nutritional life was EASY…if you were eating, you were HEALTHY!

So, What the sam-hill happened?


Good Calories, Bad Calories

If you ever want to find out what really happened, and you are not suicidal, read the book, Good Calories, Bad Calories: Fats, Carbs, and the Controversial Science of Diet and Health by Gary Taubes.

I’ll tell you the truth, this is a very difficult book to read. Mr. Taubes, an investigative research reporter, has spent years interviewing and going through thousands of pages of research only to find some absolutely distressing news related to the manner in which our “research scientists” in the areas of health and nutrition have wantonly led us astray solely because it wasn’t in their best interest. Reading this book would make it very easy to decide, I think, you can hardly trust any one in this area…the landscape has been so muddied with “scientific” debris. I can’t tell you how dismayed I was when I realized at one point that my own father had been following the very advice they were touting as heart healthy back in the early sixties…he died in his early fifties of a massive heart attack on 23rd December, 1961…I was eleven.

That’s the bad news. Is there any good news?

Here’s what I can tell you. While I have been obese since childhood, my most recent blood work showed no issue with cholesterol, good or bad, nor with triglycerides to the astonishment of my medical provider. How could that be…morbidly obese but not riddled with cholesterol or triglyceride issues…”go figure”, she said? Then an echo-cardiogram to determine if there was any atherosclerosis, you know because of family history…none to speak of they said. My medical provider didn’t know what to tell me, no practical wisdom…you know, stay away from fats…WHY? …there wasn’t any indicators I was eating fats…I was “fat” but my blood and arteries weren’t. Even my sugar was within normal limits. So, if you read a book by it’s cover, don’t follow my nutritional advice cause my cover don’t look that good; however, if the proof is in the puddin’, perhaps you might want to read on.

What Recommendations Do I Make?
I’m not sure who out there is telling the truth, there’s been so much confusion over the past five decades…some by accident and some…well, read the book. Even when I was in school, the confusion in our nutrition classes was in evidence. So, I just went with what I call conventional wisdom, common sense before the “experts” got involved…social-media-marketing_zpsdeec6282

…so to me, conventional wisdom/common sense was suggesting what our grandparents did and lived into their seventies and eighties…it was a hearty breakfast, moderate lunch and a reasonable dinner…personally my downfall, especially as I get older, is too large a dinner…that is the one things I am trying to change. I have petitioned my resident chef, my lovely talented wife Sue, to make lunch our largest meal and dinner more of a snack…this is a hard thing to do for us at our age, to make such a major change.

Now if you follow the “Eat Well, Be Well” in conjunction with some conventional wisdom/common sense as suggested above, it is my opinion you will succeed rather nicely in your quest to be well. If, however, you are becoming plagued with health issues, we have a number of ways to help sort it out.

Nutri-Spec Metabolic Testing

When it comes to telling others what to eat, I have a card printed by Nutri-Spec, which I will make available to anyone who sends a self-addressed stamped envelop to me with their email address included. It is my opinion that this protocol for eating is the best advice available. Dr. Guy Schrenker, a chiropractor from Pennsylvania, is a diligent researcher and routinely scours the literature, both domestic and international, in the area of nutrition. His recommendations are based on solid research, not opinions nor vested-interests.

In addition to Dr. Schrenker’s “Eat Well, Be Well” nutritional dietary protocol, he has developed a nutritional testing system based on evaluation a person’s metabolic system. Metabolic Testing is one way to determine if a person is lacking basic nutritional factors in their diet. We provide that testing in our office.

Contact Reflex Analysis

In addition to the above program, Dr. Fair is also trained in a system known as Contact Reflex Analysis in which the body is tested using Applied Kinesiology to determine if there are organ weaknesses that need to be addressed. If specific issues are found, certain nutritional products, normally from the Nutri-West or Standard Process nutritional lines, are recommended.

ZYTO Balance 5 Analysis

Read more about this new service available under the title “Services”. I, and my family, have been using this analysis for the past three months and are very pleased with the results we have seen thus far.

In Summary

We are all in the same boat and I’m convinced that the definitive word on the issue of nutrition has yet to be written. I just figure, do the best you can. Try to keep your weight under control (unlike I’ve done) and if you can’t, then at least figure out ways of keeping your triglycerides, cholesterol and sugar maintained. I don’t have all the answers but my own blood work suggests I might have some of them.

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