Chiropractors adjust.


Why do we adjust? Because a vertebra or a bone isn’t where it is supposed to be and we have the skills, through education and training, to reduce the misalignment.

What do we adjust? We adjust the vertebra of the spine, the joints of the extremities and some chiropractors, such as Dr. Fair, also adjust the bones of the head…known as craniopathy. depression-84404__180In addition, some would say some chiropractors also adjust nutrition, life style, emotions, identity issues…sort of depends on the extra training of the individual chiropractor. Now we do not claim to be nutritionists or life coaches or psychiatrists/psychologists, and of course, if we determined a person was any danger to themselves or others, we would certainly make a referral to the appropriate professional; however, in Chiropractic there are chiropractic techniques that, using accupressure points, allows the body to return to a more suitable balance emotionally.

How do we adjust?  Relating to the spine or joints,  we adjust by taking the joint slightly beyond the end of its normal range of motion using a very specific high velocity/low force maneuver or thrust.

What is the goal of an adjustment? The goal of an adjustment is to normalize function in the body by relieving mechanical stress.

Can This Adjustment Be Performed by any other Doctor? As it relates to the structural component of adjusting, no not in the same way, nor with the same specific intent. There are some who can approximate the task, but not with the same attention to specificity, nor with the same finesse.

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