What Happens the First Visit?

In order to make your first visit more efficient, Dr. Fair has arranged for patients to get the necessary forms to fill out in advance. In that way, it will not be necessary for you to sit in the office filling out forms, you can do that in the comfort of your own home.

medicalrecord180On the website just click on the FORMS link, or the image above, and you will be re-directed, follow the directions, choose the forms you think can best help the Doctor understand your issues. All patients MUST complete the Intake & History Forms (5 pages) and the INFORMED CONSENT form. Print the forms, complete them and then call to make an appointment. Arriving without the forms will cause a scheduling problem and the Doctor will have to reschedule your visit.

When you arrive, the Doctor will review the forms with you which you have completed toreflexes-148133__180 be sure he understands your problem. This normally takes about 20 minutes. If he decides it is warranted, he will then perform a physical examination, which can take another 20-30 minutes. Afterwards, the Doctor will review with you his findings and if he believes you could be helped through chiropractic care, more than likely he’ll suggest a Five (5) Day Clinical Assessment-a program the Doctor has developed to minimize your costs and commitment. Up to this point, the knowledge acquired has been more of a theoretical type; whereas, in the clinical trial the Doctor will be able to actually determine how and if you will respond to care.

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