Tonalea RdTraveling West I-40/I-75 take Papermill Exit, stay right, make a hard right at first ramp backtracking onto Papermill Rd east, on your left pass the Redroof/LaQuinta Inn… Traveling East I-40/I-75 immediately off highway, take first left (before reaching Papermill). At the light (Papermill Rd), go left under highway toward the Redroof/LaQuinta Inn… …after passing the Redroof/LaQuinta Inn traffic is directed to the right to create a middle turn lane for Coleman Rd. Take the middle turn lane and make a left onto Coleman Rd. Continue to the stop sign (Lonas Rd). Take a right onto Lonas Rd…immediately take the next left (Tonalea Road), pass Santala Road (on the right), Tonalea makes a sharp right turn, 1720 Tonalea Road is the second house (grey) on the right after sharp right, as seen below.

 Picture currently missing, will be added.

The picture above is from the end of the property, if you’ve reached here you should either be either parked on the front lawn, looking for a parking space in the intersection or on your way home.


You have several options: Front Lawn – after putting in a gas line a local utility company never properly seeded the front lawn, so do not worry about parking there; however, go very slow when coming off the driveway onto the dirt, since water runoff at times has made it a high drop. We are not responsible for mufflers, tailpipes, etc. …go slow and please pull forward for others who might be coming behind you. When you leave, most just slowly drive off the curb; however, we are not familiar with all vehicles, so be cautious.

Intersection – you will note there is a large intersection across from the property. You may park on the far side. Please be careful crossing the street, there is a rather large apartment complex about three blocks up the road and the young people sometimes can’t control themselves. We are not responsible…oh, you know the rest…be prepared to double time it. Driveway – you may park down the driveway, but please move to the far right but not off the pavement. You may park in the part of the lower driveway that goes down beyond the garages, if you wish, but getting out of the car is sometimes difficult, especially if you have low back or leg issues. Careful on the ‘natural stone’ path to the front entrance. N.B. Normally when we are expecting patients the front door has been left unlocked. Just step in (do not be concerned with the little barking dog, she is secured elsewhere) and press the inside doorbell under the plaque to the right just in front of you. If perchance the door is locked, ring the outside doorbell and we will be with you momentarily. Thank You!