As mentioned elsewhere on our website, Dr. Fair sees patients on an abbreviated schedule. While he often “ends up” seeing patients six days a week, it is not the plan. It has been observed that Dr. Fair will see a patient even on a Sunday, if that is the need; however, the plan looks like this:

M-W-F     11:00 AM – 12:45 PM

M-W          4:00 PM  –  5:45 PM

Please be aware that if your life schedule doesn’t fit into Dr. Fair’s life schedule, it doesn’t mean an exception is out of the question, especially if he becomes convinced he can help you…so no matter, first let’s find out if he thinks he can help and go from there.

Friday afternoon Dr. Fair reserves for dating his lovely wife, Sue (it only occasionally works out, but that is the PLAN.)

You may notice it is Dr. Fair’s practice to try and see patients in “blocks”…around the same time (this is why he tilts his monitor away from you). This is based on his observation, after almost 30 years of practice, that those patients who receive treatment around other patients seem to benefit more…who knows, but that is what he has observed and therefore he will attempt to keep patients grouped together late morning/mid day and late afternoon. So if you ask for a 2 PM appointment and there is no one else between 1:30 and 2:30, it will be quite a sell to get that accomplished. You might have to bring a new patient along with you. lol

Of course, established clinic patients know they can text Dr. Fair at any reasonable time to find out if he is able to accommodate special circumstances…often if he can, he will.