5 Day Clinical Assessment

Dr. Fair has found in his thirty plus years of practice experience that there was a problem with the way he used to “manage” care, which was based on the standard model used probably by the vast majority of chiropractors.

Often after performing the initial history, consultation, examination…even x-rays when indicated, the knowledge that had been acquired was pretty much theoretical and really didn’t necessarily have a lot to do with predicting whether or not a person would actually improve, in what period of time and at what cost.

The problem was that we were taught to prepare a plan including acute care, stabilizing care, rehabilitation care, and sometimes even maintenance care, from one encounter with the patient. But that was not the biggest issue, a larger problem for the patient was that we then gave a report outlining all of that care, possibly extending several months and requiring quite a financial commitment based on theoretical knowledge only. Now I am not saying by creating the Five (5) Day Clinical Assessment that long treatment plans have been eliminated, the point being made is that Dr. Fair has figured out a way to minimize the patient’s initial financial and time commitment and to base further commitment on actual results realized.

It has been Dr. Fair’s experience that at the end of the Five Day Clinical Assessment, patients will normally see enough progress that making a further “limited” commitment will make sense to them and not be as frightening or burdening financially. If they do not feel they have witnessed such a change, they can discontinue care with no hard feelings. Dr. Fair has tried to break down the care into “manageable” segments…each time it is the patient, aware of the Doctor’s opinion and advice, who decides if they wish to continue.

The first Five (5) Day Clinical Assessment is a prepaid arrangement of five consecutive days of care, including Saturdays and Sundays, in which all services rendered, except nutritional supplements and supplies, i.e. pillows, are included for the average cost of an initial visit with a specialist. Services include: all adjustments of the spine, cranial and extremities, Percussor (therapy) and applied kinesiology services, to name a few. Further care, if desired, will consist of segments of visits, spaced out over longer lengths of time most times, i.e. the second Prepaid Segment might be 3 visits per week for 2 weeks (total of 6 visits)…usually at the same cost as the initial Clinical Assessment; the third might be 2 visits per week for 4 weeks (total of 8 visits)…usually at the same cost as the initial Clinical Assessment…note the “per visit” cost continued to decrease…it normally stops decreasing at this level, but that decrease is $15 per visit less than the “normal” per visit cost.

Dr. Fair is very excited about this program because he feels it gives the patient more information on which to base their decisions and more control over their commitment.

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